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Surface Specialties Announces Price Increases


Surface Specialties, Inc. announces price increases in certain radiation curable products sold in North and Latin America effective Aug. 15, 2004, or as contracts allow.
Epoxy acrylates will increase by 15 percent, while amino acrylates will increase by 5 percent. Epoxy acrylate dilutions will increase by 9 to 14 percent. Multi-functional monomers will increase by 6 percent.
The company said it has limited and postponed the new price increases as long as possible, but continuing rapid and dramatic changes in the cost and availability of the raw materials used in radiation curable resins, such as acrylic acid, epoxy resins and polyols, have made the increases necessary.
The company added that it is putting every effort into securing sufficient supplies to meet the growing demand for its radiation curable products.