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Johnson Polymer Announces Partnership in Middle East, Africa


Johnson Polymer has taken an important step forward in offering more service to the coatings and printing and packaging industries in the Middle East and Africa by setting up a new alliance to bring more value to the industry and to improve customer service by enhancing local technical sales support and logistics.
Johnson Polymer selected its new partner, Tawazon Chemical Company LLC, based upon its clear focus on the printing and packaging and coatings industries, technical knowledge and representations of complementary products.
Tawazon Chemical Company LLC’s headquarters is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and has a longstanding local presence with proven success in both regions.     
Tawazon Chemical Company LLC is representing Johnson Polymer bv for its printing and packaging and coatings product lines in the following countries: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Syria, Kuwait, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Libya. For Egypt, Alrowad Chemicals is and will be the Johnson Polymer distributor for the printing and packaging and coatings industries.