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Engelhard Launches Lumina Russet and Copper Special Effect Pigments


Lumina Russet and Copper special effect pigments from Engelhard Corp. enable designers to enhance their products’ shelf appeal by adding rich, earthy, metallic copper and russet effects to inks, coatings and plastics, according to the company. Lumina Russet and Copper special effect pigments offer increased chromacity, advanced color purity and more brilliance and hiding capability. These metallic-looking pigments produce copper and rouge-tone looks through a tight mica particle size distribution and a multilayer coating technology. Non-reactive and non-tarnishing pigments under most conditions, Lumina Russet and Copper are compatible with both solvent- and water-based liquid coatings as well as powder coatings. They incorporate easily during injection molding, blow molding or extrusion processing, and they can be used in inks for gravure, flexo and screen printing applications. More info: Engelhard Corp., web: