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Cognis Raises Prices on Photomer, Other Products


Cognis Corporation’s graphic arts business announced that it will increase the price of its Photomer energy curing products. To help minimize the impact on customers, Cognis is announcing the increase in two stages for both list and off-list prices effective Aug. 15 or as allowed by contracts.
On Aug. 15, Photomer ECX series and Photonol products will increase 9 percent. Photomer 4006, 4017 and 4061 will increase 15 percent, as will Photomer 3000 series epoxies and blends, excluding Photomer 3005, 3072 and 3082, which will increase percent.
Effective Oct. 15, all Photomer, ECX series and Photonol products will increase 6 percent.
Cognis officials said that in spite of its determined efforts to reduce costs in its system, raw material, energy and related costs continue to sustain at elevated levels. In particular, the global shortage of acrylic acid continues to push prices upward with two main suppliers still under ‘force majeure’ restrictions, according to the company.
The company also announced price increases effective Aug, 15 for its line of Empol dimer acids and derivative products sold to the polymers, coatings and inks markets. Regular dimer acids will increase by $0.05/lb., with distilled/hydrogenated and tallow-based dimer acids increasing by $0.07/lb. and $.12/lb. respectively.     
Increases for the full range of epoxy curing agents and polyamide ink resins including all Versamid polyamides, Versamine modified amines and Genamid amidoamine resins will increase in a range of $0.07 to $0.12/lb.
The increases are a direct result of the continued and escalating raw material and energy price environment in 2004.
“In spite of or best efforts at resisting input cost increases and reducing all costs in our system, raw material, energy and related costs continue to sustain elevated levels,” said Chris Costello, Cognis North American business director for polymers coatings and inks.