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MD-Both Industries Becomes Official MetalFX Distributor


Having introduced MetalFX technology together with a complete range of MetalFX base silver inks to North America 12 months ago, MD-Both Industries, West Chicago, IL has announced that it is an approved supplier and distributor of MetalFX Technologies Ltd. licenses in North America.
MetalFX Technologies Ltd., located in the U.K., granted the distributorship to MD-Both Industries in early April.
MetalFX is a new, groundbreaking technology which allows the designer and printer to produce work containing thousands of different metallic colors and effects, all in one pass of a five-color press.
“This technology is the biggest thing to happen in the area of metallic inks in years, and we are excited to be partnering with MetalFX Technologies Ltd. here in North America,” said Elise Balsamo, MD-Both’s marketing manager.