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Fitz Chem Named Distributor for Everlight, USA, Inc.


Fitz Chem Corporation, a leading Midwest distributor/sales agent of raw materials to the coatings, plastics, ink, construction and adhesives industries, announced it will represent the Everlight’s Eversorb benzophenone, benzotriazole and hindered amine light stabilizers. Fitz Chem’s sales territory will include Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.
Tom Mau, director of supplier relations said, “Fitz Chem is excited with the opportunity to represent a world-class operation such as Everlight. Everlight is recognized as a leader in the benzotriazole technology having developed a reputation for the highest quality, lowest impurity products.”
J.M. Huber Corporation Expands Relationship with P.T. Hutchins Company
Huber Engineered Materials, a business unit of the J.M. Huber Corporation, today announced it has expanded its relationship with P.T. Hutchins Company, Ltd.
The appointment names P.T. Hutchins as Huber’s sales agent and distributor for Arizona, California, New Mexico, Nevada and Utah. P.T. Hutchins already represents Huber in the states of Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas. According to company officials, a total of 10 P.T. Hutchins representatives will be assigned to expand Huber’s presence in this eight-state region.
The agreement includes the promotion and distribution of Huber’s various grades of specialty alumina trihydrate, barium sulfate, calcium carbonate, kaolin clay, silica and silicate products for the coating, ink, adhesive, construction products and thermoplastics industries.