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Soluol, Inc. Acquires Noveon's Solvent-Based Polyurethane Product Line


Soluol, Inc. has acquired Noveon’s solvent-based polyurethane resin products. These products are used in the graphic arts, paint and coatings and textile industries. Soluol and Noveon will work closely together during the next several months to assure a smooth transition.
Soluol provides a wide range of polyurethanes to the coatings, textile, adhesives, blister packaging, medical and other related industries.
Warren Simmons, Soluol president and CEO, said the acquired products will be integrated into the existing Soluol product lines and is a natural fit for the company as it allows Soluol additional opportunities to expand this business.
“This acquisition provides us with an opportunity to further enhance our full range of water and solvent urethane capabilities to our customers,” Mr. Simmons said.