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GAA, GEF Offer New Gravure Textbook


The Gravure Association of America, Inc. (GAA) and the Gravure Education Foundation (GEF) have released a new textbook, Gravure Process & Technology, second edition.
Gravure Process & Technology, second edition is the only comprehensive manual on the gravure process printed in English. It explains the technological advancements in the gravure industry since 1991 and provides hundreds of detailed technical illustrations and color photographs. Also included are chapter learning objectives, summaries and complete chapter bibliographies.
“The textbook has been completely revised and represents the collaborative efforts of more than 80 industry experts and educators,” said Ruth Wagner, GEF’s executive director.
Gravure Process & Technology, second edition is available by contacting the GAA at (585) 436-2150. Orders may also be placed online by visiting the GAA Web site at A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book benefits the GEF.