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Spectra Colors Receives Award for Excellence from Sanford Corporation


Spectra Colors Corp. has been presented with the “Excellence in Customer Service Award for 2003” from Sanford Corporation, the world’s largest writing instrument manufacturer/marketer and the maker of Sharpie markers and PaperMate ballpoint pens.
Bob Parker, president of Sanford, presented Spectra Colors with the award at Sanford’s Supplier Summit.
“While Sanford continually strives to develop new, cutting edge products, Spectra Colors has been committed to delivering innovative solutions that allow our products to excel in the marketplace,” the congratulatory letter accompanying the award noted. “Your partnership has allowed Sanford to stay ahead of the curve on new low-cost ink technology that serves us well as we develop next-generation products.”
“We were selected from a supplier base of 1,200 vendors,” said Luis B. Marrero, president of Spectra Colors. “This award reflects the hard work and dedication of our team here at Spectra.”
Spectra Dyestuffs are used by manufacturers of marker and ballpoint inks, coatings, foods, drugs, cosmetics, paper, waxes, household products, detergents, soaps, textiles, wood stains and plastics.

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