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Color Resolutions Implements Custom Online VOC/HAPS Reporting Module


The Wercs, Ltd., a global leader in material safety data sheet (MSDS) software, announced that Color Resolutions International (CRI) has implemented its custom online module to handle customers’ needs for volatile organic compounds and hazardous air pollutants (VOC/HAPS) initiatives.
The online reporting module will enable CRI to eliminate the manual system that was in place for VOC/HAPS reporting.  This module has reduced the turnaround time of reporting, enabling CRI to provide customers with instant access to this information for their own reporting needs.  In the past, customers would call CRI to request a VOC/HAPS report for a particular period.  After speaking to CRI personnel, the request was submitted and data was formulated using numerous software programs.  The whole process, from request to the delivery of the report, usually took several days for each of its customers.
CRI customers can now go to a secured web site and be presented with a selection of specific categories of VOC/HAPS related information.  Instead of waiting for one individual to capture data calculations, customers can now continuously update information by themselves at any time. Advanced query functionality allows the user to retrieve extensive, real time, up-to-date data for their reports.
“Color Resolutions International is excited about creating this value added service for our customers,” said Wally Whalen, quality compliance manager of Color Resolutions.  “This functionality will help improve business performance by saving our customers’ time, our time and excessive amounts of paper work.”