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New Service Numbers for Customers in Europe


BASF Aktiengesellschaft introduced  new toll-free 00800 service numbers. By the end of 2003, customers throughout Europe will be able to reach their personal customer service representatives at BASF directly via standardized numbers, according to the company. The service applies regardless of which European country customers call from. Special software recognizes callers and transfers them automatically to the right representatives at one of BASF’s five European customer centers.
“The new service numbers are a milestone in BASF’s market focus. They demonstrate both our innovativeness and our customer orientation,” said Dieter Thomaschewski, head of the BASF Group’s regional division Europe II. BASF is the first company in the world to provide such a service.
To make the numbers easier to remember, they will be based on the business unit’s name or products. For example, if chemicals customers want to speak to their personal representatives, they simply type in 00800 followed by the word BASFCHEM as if they were sending a text message. Moments later they are greeted in their own language by their service representative.