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Essay Collection Reveals Industry Insights


To say that Dr. Joy T. Kunjappu is a prolific author is a tremendous understatement. As the author of more than 80 original research papers, review articles, general articles, book chapters, book reviews and symposium proceedings, Dr. Kunjappu has provided his insights into the areas of surfactants, polymers, photochemistry, radiation chemistry, sterilization, spectroscopy and inks.
In Ink World alone, Dr. Kunjappu has contributed insights on thermochromic inks, surfactants, polymers, colors, colloids, UV/EB and many other topics.
Nova Science Publishers, Inc. (New York, NY) has just published a collection of Dr. Kunjappu’s articles in “Essays in Ink Chemistry (For Paints and Coatings Too).” Eight of the 15 essays have appeared in the pages of Ink World since Dr. Kunjappu began writing for us in August 1998. As always, Dr. Kunjappu provides a thorough understanding of the topic at hand that will be accessible to newcomers to the industry and insightful for longtime veterans.
For Dr. Kunjappu, the subject of inks is of tremendous interest. “Inks are one of the historically significant chemical composites,” he writes in his preface. “In reality, one cannot escape without looking at some form of printed stuff, and what one invariably sees is the manifestation of inks.”