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Eastern Color and Chemical Receives Trademark for Rainoff


Eastern Color and Chemical Company, Providence, RI and Greenville, SC, has been awarded the registered trademark of Rainoff, formerly Raneoff, for their line of scientifically designed textile water and oil repellants, soil release agents, upholstery and carpet protectors, leather finishes, aftermarket commercial and consumer products, paper, building materials and masonry and wood protectors.
Rainoff products for textile include “PFOS free” fluoropolymers for natural, synthetic, blended woven, knit, non-woven, yarns and fibers. End uses include apparel, healthcare, transportation, marine, military, commercial upholstery, wall and floor coverings, tents, awnings and geo-textiles, according to the company. Custom compound products to meet specific requirements as well as offsets to most commercially available products are available.