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Dynatec Systems and Norit Americas Announce Alliance


Dynatec Systems, Inc. and Norit Americas, Inc. have agreed to jointly develop the U.S. market for membrane bioreactors (MBR) within the industrial applications segment. According to the companies, this technology has been used to solve complex industrial wastewater problems.
Norit has extensive experience within the European market, supplying membranes for dozens of MBR systems. The company has developed Airflush and Airlift technology to minimize energy consumption and maintain membrane productivity. Dynatec has sold industrial MBR systems in the U.S. utilizing membrane technology.
The MBR is a compact waste treatment system that combines biological treatment with membrane separation. The membrane concentrate the biomass, which enables a more compact design with shorter hydraulic retention times when compared with traditional biological treatment. The systems have a short residence time, lower capital cost and low operating expense combined with excellent process control, according to the company. The process also produces less sludge, a higher quality effluent (free from suspended solids) and is less sensitive to variations in feed quality. MBR systems are capable of processing higher concentration industrial wastewater.
Dynatec will be responsible for market development, systems design, fabrication, and customer service in the U.S. Norit will provide membrane technology and applications know-how on a non-exclusive basis.