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Dow Announces Price Increases for Tergitol and Triton Lines


The Dow Chemical Company has announced off-list price increases in North America for all Tergitol NPE surfactants and select Tergitol and Triton specialty alcohol ethoxylate and alcohol alkoxylate surfactants.
Tergitol NP-4 through NP-8; Tergitol NP-9.5 through NP-15; and Tergitol NP-30, and 40 (100% actives) will increase $0.04 per pound.
Tergitol NP-30, 40, 50, 55, 70 (70 percent actives) and Tergitol NP-9 will increase $0.03 per pound.
Tergitol 15-S Series surfactants; Tergitol TMN Series surfactants; Tergitol XD; Tergitol XDLW Tergitol; Tergitol XH Tergitol; Tergitol XJ; and Tergitol D683 surfactants will increase $0.02 per pound.
Triton X-15; 35, 45, 114, 100, 100LD and 102; Triton X-165, 305, 405, 705; Triton N-57; and Triton XL-80N will all increase $0.02 per pound.
These increases are a result of increased raw materials costs and significant market erosion due to the changing marketplace, according to the company.