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Degussa Coatings & Colorants Business Undergoes Restructuring


The resins business line, a part of the coatings & colorants business unit of Degussa AG, Düsseldorf, has recently completed a restructuring of its organization with the formation of three product lines: advanced adhesives, precoated metal and specialty resins. The activities in application technology and marketing within these three product lines will be combined so as to place greater emphasis on customers, markets and products within the relevant markets.
Within each product line, application technology and marketing operate under one single manager, who assumes global responsibility for the corresponding market segment. Customers will benefit from this concentration and the assignment of responsibilities to one main contact partner, assuring more intensive customer support, according to the company.
Dr. Hans-Dieter Zagefka manages the advanced adhesives product line. This line produces polyester resins in Europe and the U.S., and APAO (amorphous polyalphaolefins) and waxes in Europe. Dr. Wilfried Robers is taking over the management of the precoated metal product line. This line produces binders for coatings in Europe and the U.S., which are typically used in can and coil coatings. The specialty resins product line is headed by Dr. Peter Denkinger. Specialty resins, which are produced in Europe, are utilized in applications such as coatings, printing inks and toners, sealing compounds and anti-corrosives.
In the U.S., Bruce Seeber will coordinate and represent the interests of the entire resins business line within NAFTA. As the U.S. general manager, he will be responsible for all three product lines.