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Troy Corp. Extends Global Partnership

September 6, 2005

Florham Park, NJ-based Troy Corporation has extended its global biocides marketing partnership with Lonza Group.
Formed in 1989, the partnership combines the Lonza Group’s hydantoin bactericide with Troy’s iodopropynyl fungicide.

Toppan and E Ink Sign Development Agreement

Toppan Printing Company Ltd. and E Ink Corporation have formed a strategic partnership to develop color electronic ink displays.
Under the terms of this agreement, Toppan has made an initial equity investment of $5 million in E Ink. In return for funding and development collaboration, Toppan will receive the exclusive global rights to manufacture and supply color filters for electronic ink displays for a certain period. The companies have also agreed to explore collaborations on other strategic projects such as plastic-based color filters and flexible displays.
“Our investment in E Ink and their electronic ink technology represents a platform for strategic growth at Toppan,” said Hideki Kawai, Toppan company director and division head of corporate R&D.