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Scitex Introduces Business Color


Scitex Digital Printing has launched Business Color, a new print category designed to extend color printing to new market segments.  
The technology behind Business Color by Scitex optimizes print quality, speed, and economics in full process color digital printing.  Business Color is aimed initially at commercial printers, direct mail, data center printers, book and catalog printing, and ticket, tag, and label markets.
“Business Color provides a new alternative to offset printing and to segments of the market that typically have found color printing unsuitable because of per unit cost, printing speed, or image quality,” said Nachum (Homi) Shamir, president and CEO of Scitex Digital Printing. “Traditional color printing technologies typically optimize two of those key variables, but compromise the third.  We now offer digital print technology that reliably delivers print speed and image quality in a business model that makes economic sense.”
 Business Color can match the speed and low per-page cost of offset printing, yet utilizes digital technologies so that variable page-by-page data now is a viable option for segments of the market not traditionally served cost-effectively by color.  
 “We are also redefining competition through new working relationships,” Mr. Shamir said. “For example, we now have a distribution agreement with Xerox.  One view would see Xerox as a competitor in the digital printing world. But Xerox also is a partner who can help us achieve our business vision and objectives.  
“Similarly, we have a joint venture with ink specialist Collins, traditionally a key competitor in inks,” Mr. Shamir said. “However, we recognized that the product and R&D strengths of our respective organizations are complementary, and complementary strengths can lead to growth and new markets for both partners.  But it takes looking at the world differently to recognize these opportunities.”