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RadTech Offers UV/EB Information on CD-ROM And UV Glossary


Bethesda, MD-based RadTech International North America has released a new CD-ROM that provides a basic overview of UV/EB technology. According to the association, “Introduction to UV/EB-Curing” addresses a range of topics including the history of UV/EB curing, chemistry, as well as the economic, health and safety benefits it offers.
Radtech International North America has also published a glossary of terms related to UV technology. Titled “Terminology Used for UV Curing Process Design and Measurement,” the glossary was assembled by the RadTech UV Measurement Committee to provide users, formulators, suppliers and researchers with a common language used in the design and measurement of UV curing systems.
Free copies of the CD-ROM and/or the glossary may be obtained by contacting RadTech at; or by visiting