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Philadelphia University Establishes Center of Excellence In Digital Ink Jet Printing For Textiles


Dr. David Brookstein, dean of the School of Textiles and Materials Technology at Philadelphia University, recently announced the creation of the Center of Excellence in Digital Ink Jet Printing. The center, which will be headed by Professor Hitoshi Ujiie, will spark advanced design research and exploration and adoption of digital ink jet printing.  
Working closely with machine producers and ink developers, the center’s mission is to integrate fashion design and digital ink jet printing.
Located in a newly dedicated space, the center contains state-of-the-art digital ink jet printing equipment from Mutoh, Colorspan, Hewlett-Packard, and EnCad.  
“The Center of Excellence will have a dynamic impact on our program by providing textile design students and faculty with the resources to explore and refine design initiatives,” said Dean Brookstein.  “This is especially relevant when dealing with digital printing technologies, including both spot and process coloration.”