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Morehouse-Cowles Opens Sample Test Lab


Morehouse-Cowles, a division of MFIC Corporation, announced the opening of a sample test laboratory in Fullerton, CA. The new laboratory conducts sample testing on qualified products at no charge using a broad range of testing equipment for milling, mixing, dissolving or high-shear fluid processing. The facility’s applications equipment list includes Morehouse-Cowles Zinger horizontal small media mills, vertical small media mills, single-shaft high-speed dissolvers, low-speed agitators, ViscoMAX multi-shaft dissolvers, rotor stator mixers, stone mills and Microfluidics Microfluidizer high-shear fluid processors. Its laser-scattering particle size analysis and microscopic qualitative analysis with digital imaging capabilities enable the laboratory to deliver optimal test reporting results.
The facility serves a broad range of industries including agricultural, chemical, biotechnology, ceramics, coatings, cosmetics, electronics, food products, ink, magnetic iron oxides, minerals, paper, paint, pharmaceutical, semi-conductor and recycling, according to Gabriele Carroll, an application specialist who manages the new facility.