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Sun Chemical Announces Reorganization


Sun Chemical announced changes in its North American divisions to enhance customer service and operational efficiency. Among the changes, Michael Griem has been given overall responsibility and leadership for all North American ink businesses as president, North American Inks. Mr. Griem most recently was managing director for Sun Chemical's businesses in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Eastern Europe, Nordic Region and Poland. 

Sun Chemical announced changes within its European Leadership Team following the appointment of Mr. Griem as president of its North American Inks division. Dr. Gerhard Jaschek, group managing director, will take on business leadership responsibility for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, CIS and the rest of Eastern Europe. Most recently he was managing director with responsibility for all ink operations in Austria and Eastern Europe, including the CIS and Poland. Robert Fitzka is appointed managing director, Austria, and will also be responsible for businesses in Central Europe. Most recently he was deputy managing director, Central Europe.

In a further move to align the businesses to markets and customers, all of Sun Chemical's South America, and Central America businesses will come under one umbrella organization called Sun Chemical Latin American Inks.  As a result, Mexico will now report to Latin American Inks.  Enrique Perez-Cirera will continue as general manager, Mexico.  The overall leader for Latin America will continue to be Greg Lawson, president Latin American Inks.