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  • Additives | Personnel | Resins | Suppliers News | Vehicles and Varnishes
    David Aynessazian – Kustom Group

    David Aynessazian – Kustom Group

    David Aynessazian joined the graphic arts field as a temporary move in order to apply to Kraft Foods. Thirty-two years later, Aynessazian, VP technical and marketing for Kustom Group, has made a huge mark in the graphic arts, and is a 2017 Pioneer Aw…
    David Savastano, Editor 05.15.17

  • Flushed Colors and Pigments
    Suresh Mahajan – Modern Printing Colors

    Suresh Mahajan – Modern Printing Colors

    In 1995, Suresh Mahajan started his own company, Modern Printing Colors, under the guidance of Sant Rajinder Singh, a world renowned meditation and spiritual teacher. Now, 20 years later, Modern Printing Colors is successful, and NAPIM presented M…
    Dave Savastano, Editor 05.13.16

  • Mills and Mixers
    Herman Hockmeyer, Hockmeyer Equipment Company

    Herman Hockmeyer, Hockmeyer Equipment Company

    Milling equipment is critical to the successful manufacturing of printing ink. Herman Hockmeyer, president of Hockmeyer Equipment Corporation, has played a leading role in developing state-of-the-art mills for inks since he joined the industry when h…
    Dave Savastano, Editor 05.20.15

  • Events

    Use the resources below to help keep your business plan on schedule. Calendar of Events Stay up to date with a complete line-up of conferences and trade shows throughout the industry. View Calendar of Events…

  • Packaging Gravure Inks | Publication Gravure Inks

    New Generation of Inks for Rotogravure

    Editor’s Note: “New Generation of Inks for Rotogravure” was presented during the National Printing Ink Research Institute’s 45th Annual Technical Conference, Oct. 17-19, 2001 in Scottsdale, AZ. The environmental and health pr…
    Alexandra Pekarovicova, James Atkinson, Jan Pekarovic and Viera Khunova 10.08.09