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Published May 2, 2012
High school student honored for developing innovative use of UV for producing Kevlar Read More »
Published May 2, 2012
IGM Resins offers a full line of photoinitiators for radcure applications Read More »
Published May 2, 2012
These resins offer many benefits. Read More »
Published May 1, 2012
Leading suppliers are showcasing their latest developments at RadTech 2012 Read More »
Published May 1, 2012
Topics include Chemistry, Thio-lene, EB , Waterborne, PV and Electronics, Barrier Coatings, Stereolithography and Photoinitiators Read More »
Published May 1, 2012
Results are a long lasting, high gloss manicure Read More »
Published April 30, 2012
The growth in the use of energy-curable technologies remains a bright spot in many industries Read More »
Published April 30, 2012
Energy curing technologies are enjoying strong growth in a wide range of applications Read More »
Published April 30, 2012
Speakers will discuss latest technologies during eight sessions Read More »
By David Savastano, Ink World Editor
Published April 5, 2012
The commercial sheetfed market continues to struggle, while folding carton enjoyed growth during the past year Read More »
By David Savastano, Ink World Editor
Published March 29, 2012
Eleven industry leaders are honored with Printing Ink Pioneer Award Read More »
Published March 29, 2012
Rising costs on raw materials, including titanium dioxide, expected to continue through 2012 Read More »
2 Flint Group
Published March 14, 2012
2 Flint Group North American Administrative Offices 14909 North Beck Road Plymouth, MI 48170-7194 Phone: (734) 781-4600 Fax: (734) 781-4699 2011 Global Sales: $3 billion (€2.2 billion). North American Sales: $1 billion (Ink Wo… Read More »
1 Sun Chemical Corporation
Published March 14, 2012
1 Sun Chemical Corporation 35 Waterview Blvd. Parsippany, NJ 07054 Phone: (973) 404-6000 Fax: (973) 404-6001 Sales: Sun Chemical had annual sales of $3.5 billion in printing inks and colorants worldwide. North Ame… Read More »
The Pigment Report
By David Savastano, Ink World Editor
Published March 13, 2012
For pigment manufacturers, 2011 brought some growth in the printing ink market, and they remain optimistic for 2012 in spite of concerns over the economy and raw materials. Read More »
The European Ink Report
By Sean Milmo, European Editor
Published March 13, 2012
The slowing European economy and higher raw material prices are serious concerns for ink manufacturers in 2012. Read More »
Published March 13, 2012
Archway Sales announced that Charles DiComo joined the company as a technical sales representative for the Northeast region.      Mr. DiComo has more than 12 years experience in sales. He will be responsible for growing sales in… Read More »
Published March 13, 2012
DIC Corporation announces the following changes in its Representative Directors pursuant to a resolution adopted at the meeting of its Board of Directors held Jan. 23, 2012. These changes will be implemented to rejuvenate management with the aim of r… Read More »
Published March 9, 2012
Overall costs for the ink industry will be higher in 2012 than they were in 2011, which was a record year Read More »
Published March 9, 2012
Increasing cost of key raw materials make this price increase necessary Read More »
North American Top 20 Ink Industry Report
By Dave Savastano, Editor
Published March 1, 2012
In recent years, the North American printing ink industry has faced a wave of challenges. Read More »
Published February 29, 2012
Adjustments are necessary mainly due to further significantly increased costs of key raw materials Read More »
Published January 27, 2012
David Baumstark takes over as president Read More »
Published January 27, 2012
Use the resources below to help keep your business plan on schedule. Top North American Companies Ink World offers its comprehensive look at the largest North American ink manufacturers, complete with data and information.… Read More »
Knowledge Center
Published January 26, 2012
Ink World contains an ever-growing base of information designed to offer you the most relevant news and articles associated with specific categories in the industry. Printing Inks Listed in this section are various end-use mark… Read More »
Published January 24, 2012
Masayuki Saito named senior managing executive officer Read More »
Published November 30, 2011
Leveraging the company’s expertise in the fields of dispersion, printing and curing Read More »
NYSERDA, UV/EB Technology Center Provide Opportunities for NY Businesses
By David Savastano, Ink World Editor
Published November 22, 2011
The growth of UV/EB technologies has been steady in recent years, even through the recession. The advantages - instantaneous curing, improved performance characteristics and environmental benefits (including virtually no volatile organic compounds… Read More »
Published November 16, 2011
Commodity and resin prices continue to be dramatically higher than a year ago. There doesn’t appear to be any relief anticipated in the near term, although a few of the supply disruptions have been alleviated. Volatility has been the norm, as s… Read More »
Published November 14, 2011
Asia is the largest market for the division Read More »
Published November 11, 2011
Price Increases Announced Throughout the Ink Industry Due to continued increases in the costs of raw materials and volatility in the supply chain, Sun Chemical will raise prices globally on all packaging inks for all printing methods and chemistri… Read More »
NPIRI 2011Conference Review
By David Savastano, Ink World Editor
Published November 10, 2011
'Facing Today's Printing Ink Challenges' is focus of conference, as speakers analyze topics ranging from raw materials to the packaging and digital printing markets. Read More »
The Publication Ink Market
By David Savastano, Ink World Editor
Published November 10, 2011
Newspapers, magazines and books continue to feel the
impact of new technologies and the economy. Read More »
Waxes and Additives
By David Savastano, Ink World Editor
Published November 10, 2011
Suppliers are working hard to strike a balance between higher raw materials costs and availability concerns and providing the innovations that their ink customers are seeking. Read More »
The UV/EB Report
By David Savastano, Ink World Editor
Published November 9, 2011
The use of UV and EB technologies continues to enjoy growth, particularly in the packaging market, driven by economic, performance and environmental benefits. Read More »
The 2011 Year in Review
By David Savastano, Ink World Editor
Published November 9, 2011
For ink manufacturers, 2011 saw an improvement in sales, but raw materials remain a major concern. Read More »
Published November 4, 2011
Toyo Ink will be showcasing the Group’s high-tech solutions for the electronics field at Printed Electronics USA 2011, Booth G111. Read More »
Published November 2, 2011
NAPIM publishes latest upate on raw materials. Read More »
Published November 2, 2011
Increases due to continued raw material cost pressure Read More »
Published November 1, 2011
Average cost increase will be approximately 6 percent for most products Read More »
Published October 14, 2011
Showcases HAR 2120, HAR 2140 RDGE resins Read More »
Published September 27, 2011
JNS Smithchem LLC has appointed John P. Sari  to the position of regional sales manager.  Mr. Sari will be responsible for growing the company’s customer and supplier base in southern New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and V… Read More »
By Staff
Published September 22, 2011
Ink World's Annual Buyers' Guide has everything you may need, from adhesion promoters to zinc oxide and attritors to waste management services, as well as important information on suppliers, distributors and trade associations. Read More »
The Art of Breaking Bubbles
By Jeanine M. Snyder, C. James Reader, Charles R. Hegedus, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
Published September 16, 2011
Choosing the proper defoamer can eliminate foam from waterborne printing inks without causing detrimental effects to the finished print Read More »
The Raw Material Market
By David Savastano, Ink World Editor
Published September 16, 2011
Continually higher pricing and supply concerns over the key raw materials necessary for formulating inks continue to worry printing ink manufacturers Read More »
Raw Material Prices and Supply Continue to Impact Europe
By Sean Milmo, Ink World Associate Editor
Published September 16, 2011
The price increases and shortages of a wide range of raw materials that started during the recovery of the world economy from the 2008 financial crisis are continuing Read More »
By Kerry Pianoforte, Ink World Associate Editor
Published September 15, 2011
This year's conference will to be held Oct. 18-20 in Itasca, IL Read More »
Published September 12, 2011
Pt. Toyo Ink Indonesia aiming for commencement of operations in August 2012 Read More »
Published August 25, 2011
Start of production planned for 2014 Read More »
Published August 2, 2011
Evonik has introduced Tego Twin 4100, a multi-functional, high surface activity surfactant that delivers long-term foam stabilization, compatibility with sensitive resins and improves flow and leveling. The reduction in surface tension enables substr… Read More »