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  • Breaking News | Suppliers News

    Adhesive Fluon PFA EA-2000 Resin Allows One-Step Processing

    Fluon PFA EA-2000 resin from AGC Chemicals Americas Inc. features a built-in functional adhesive group that enables one-step processing with other polymers and metals. This resin also eliminates the need for surface treatment or a separate adhesive l…

  • Breaking News | Resins | Suppliers News

    BASF to Exit Dimer, Polyamide Resin Business Due to North American Market Decline

    Will close dimer and resin unit at Kankakee, IL production site.

  • Resins
    The 2015 Resin Report

    The 2015 Resin Report

    Resins are a key ingredient for inks, and suppliers report there are opportunities ahead for resin production.
    Dave Savastano, Editor 05.20.15

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  • Resins
    Novel Lamination Ink Resin

    Novel Lamination Ink Resin

    The film printing market from an ink perspective can be further divided into surface and lamination applications.
    Chien (Charlie) Hsu and Richard Grandke, BASF Corporation 03.02.13

  • Breaking News | Resins | Suppliers News

    Arez LLC’s New Plant in Crossett, AR is Moving Ahead

      The resin market has been, to choose a word, volatile in recent years. Dramatic price swings for important raw materials have become the new normal, making planning difficult for resin suppliers and their ink custom…
    David Savastano, Editor 11.19.12

  • An Innovative Easy to Matt 100 Solids UV Curable Resin

    An Innovative Easy to Matt 100 Solids UV Curable Resin

    High gloss is a well-known property of 100% solids UV curable varnishes. Today, the market trend is towards matt finishes, especially for luxury packaging and high-end publishing. Currently the only way to achieve a matt appearance in a 100% solids…
    Emilio Martin and Danny Visser, DSM NeoResins 11.15.10

  • Resins
    The Resin Report

    The Resin Report

    Providing strong product development and expertise is helping resin manufacturers make gains in the marketplace.
    David Savastano, Ink World Editor 06.04.07

  • Resins
    The Resin Report

    The Resin Report

    Resin manufacturers have been facing the same pressures as the ink industry in the past few years, including higher raw material prices and tight competition.
    David Savastano, Ink World Editor 06.01.06