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  • Inkjet Inks and Toners | Packaging Flexo Inks | Publication Offset Inks

    Digital Printing Technologies Start to Emerge in Packaging

    The emergence of inkjet printing is a major success story for the printing and ink industries. We have seen the major printing shows move away from the conventional offset exhibits to digital press displays – drupa has become increasingly orien…
    David Savastano, Editor 05.01.14

  • For Ink Manufacturers, 2013 Continues Trends from 2012

    For the ink industry, 2013 bore many similarities to 2012. In some ways, that is good news; in others ways, there are causes for concern. The good news is that ink industry leaders are seeing growth in certain important markets, mo…

  • Ink Primer

    The worldwide printing ink industry is a more than $12 billion business. However, all inks are not the same; depending on the printing process, inks have different compositions. To make matters easier, Ink World, the most widely read magazine for the…

  • As Economy Begins to Improve, Acquisitions Return to the Forefront

    During the past few years, the economic slump that impacted a large segment of the global economy changed the way companies handled their business. In particular, businesses were forced to become more conservative, looking for ways to cut costs and g…
    David Savastano, Ink World Editor 11.02.09

  • After Active drupa,Ink Industry Finds Itself Coping with Higher Prices

    Typically, the summer months are quiet for the ink industry, as people take some time off for vacation. However, the past few months have been anything but restful: drupa is now in the books, while increasing pressure from price increases throughout…
    David Savastano, Ink World Editor 08.06.08

  • Rising Ink Prices are Good News For the Printing Ink Industry

    In recent years, ink manufacturers have done all they could to keep prices low as their raw material costs skyrocketed. However, the end result was dangerously low margins. Reluctantly, ink companies began raising their prices as best they could. &nb…
    David Savastano, Ink World Editor 10.09.06

  • The Asian Ink Market

    2003 brought more growth to the Asia Pacific region, and ink companies continue to expand their operations into the area.
    David Savastano, Ink World Editor 10.10.05