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  • Ink Manufacturers News | Printers News

    Overcoming the Devastation Of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma

    As we head to press, the southern United States is reeling from Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. The devastation in terms of lives lost is terrible; the damage to infrastructure is incredible and, for now, incalculable. We have seen the wrecka…
    David Savastano 09.20.17

  • Asia-Pacific, Latin America Present Opportunities For the Ink Industry

    The ink industry is evolving. Many of the changes are due to the way people get their information (the growth of the Internet vs. decline of newspapers) and new technologies that can create more personalized content (gains in inkjet). This is nothing…
    Dave Savastano, Editor 07.31.15

  • Inkjet Inks and Toners | News Inks | Packaging Flexo Inks | Packaging Gravure Inks | Publication Offset Inks | Sheetfed Inks | UV and EB Inks

    Mixed Signals from the Printing Ink Industry

    It is hard to say exactly how the overall printing ink industry is faring right now. Quite a few ink manufacturers and key suppliers say that business is improving, particularly on the packaging and digital segments, but numbers from the National Ass…
    David Savastano, Ink World Editor 05.31.12

  • Ink Jet Provides Strong Area of Growth for the Ink Industry

    For many years, ink jet has been looked at longingly by printing ink manufacturers, who saw it as the wave of the future and also an opportunity to improve profitability. However, the vast majority of the ink jet ink business is tied up in the SOHO m…
    David Savastano, Ink World Editor 10.09.09

  • Times of Change in the Ink Industry

    As we near the halfway point of 2002, the ink industry has been fairly flat. However, there have been some bright spots in the mainstream printing processes, particularly flexo and UV/EB, and it appears the economy may be changing slightly for the be…
    David Savastano, Ink World Editor 10.08.09

  • Energy-Curable Inks and Coatings Continue to Enjoy Growth

    One of the brightest areas for printing ink manufacturers in recent years has been the continued blossoming of the UV and EB marketplace. As new applications for energy-curable printing continue to develop, driven by the advantages of UV and EB…
    David Savastano, Ink World Editor 10.31.07

  • Elimination of VAT Refunds Signals Higher Prices

    For the past several years, the printing ink industry and its suppliers have been battling higher raw material prices, largely brought on by the increased cost of crude oil. The resulting higher prices of feedstocks has led to numerous price increase…
    David Savastano, Ink World Editor 09.11.07

  • The Changing Nature Of the Printing Industry

    In recent months, certain aspects of the printing ink industry have deservedly drawn much attention. The latter portion of 2005 featured an unprecedented wave of mergers and acquisitions, while the past year and a half witnessed skyrocketing raw ma…
    David Savastano, Ink World Editor 01.13.06