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  • Micro Powders, Inc.

    Micro Powders, Inc.

    For reliable quality and superb consistency in wax additives, formulators rely on Micro Powders, the recognized leader in advanced wax technology. Our specialty products meet the demanding requirements of diverse markets, from paints, coatings and pr…
    Sonia Burnette, Marketing Coordinator 10.17.17

  • BYK USA Inc.

    BYK USA Inc.

    BYK is a leading supplier in the field of additives and measuring instruments.
    Dhara Metla, End Use Manager - Graphic Arts 08.24.17

  • Waxes
    Distinguishing Particles by Refractive Index

    Distinguishing Particles by Refractive Index

    Identification of particles is routinely done by specialists in polarizing light microscopy. This science is otherwise known as optical crystallography. To distinguish one known particle from another known particle, we can take a simple approach t…
    Bill Neuberg , Shamrock Technologies Chairman and Technical Director 01.23.17

  • Buyers Guide List

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  • Vehicles and Varnishes
    Vehicles and Varnishes

    Vehicles and Varnishes

    Vehicles and varnishes play critical roles in ink formulation, and suppliers are developing new products for the ink industry.
    David Savastano, Editor 07.30.13

  • Breaking News | Suppliers News | Waxes

    Micro Powders Appoints Gary Strauss President and COO, Deena Strauss Kornblau CEO and EVP

    Warren Pushaw will take on a new role as senior technical advisor

  • Breaking News | Industry News

    Evonik Intends to Shut Down Production of Polyethylene Waxes

    Evonik Industries intends to shutdown its production of polyethylene waxes in Herne/Germany at the end of December 2010. The Group has taken this step as a part of a profitability analysis. The modification and sale of Fischer-Tropsch-based waxes wil…