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  • Ink Primer

    The worldwide printing ink industry is a more than $12 billion business. However, all inks are not the same; depending on the printing process, inks have different compositions. To make matters easier, Ink World, the most widely read magazine for the…

  • Energy-Curable Materials | Energy-Curing Equipment | Testing, Color and QC

    Testing and QC for UV Inks

    When it comes to manufacturing any product, being able to consistently meet specifications is absolutely essential to success. Such is also the case with printing ink, as testing and quality control (QC) play significant roles in the manufacturing pr…
    David Savastano, Ink World Editor 10.15.09

  • Testing, Color and QC

    Color Matching and QC

    More and more printers are utilizing color matching equipment and software prior to press.
    Kerry Pianoforte, Ink World Associate Editor 10.21.05

  • Testing, Color and QC

    Striving for Consistency

    As printers begin to require more from the inks they use, quality control has become more than just meeting specifications.
    Jenn Hess, Ink World Associate Editor 09.02.05