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Siegwerk’s Center for Printing Excellence Offers Customers On-Press Testing Capabilities
By David Savastano, Editor
Published October 17, 2013
Ink manufacturers are emphasizing the importance of collaborating with their customers, through formulating their inks and coatings and making sure these formulations work well on press. Siegwerk Canada and USA (CUSA) has taken an extra step… Read More »
Ink Setting  Set-off or Striking-in Tests with the IGT Testers
By Wilco de Groot, Managing Director, IGT Testing Systems
Published August 24, 2010
An important property of an ink on a paper is its setting behavior. Setting or ink setting, also called striking-in or set-off, is a property of an ink to lay down on the paper and penetrate into the paper after which it starts to dry.… Read More »
By David Savastano, Ink World Editor
Published October 15, 2009
When it comes to manufacturing any product, being able to consistently meet specifications is absolutely essential to success. Such is also the case with printing ink, as testing and quality control (QC) play significant roles in the manufacturing pr… Read More »
The Importance of Testing Equipment
By David Savastano, Ink World Editor
Published June 4, 2008
Testing equipment allows ink manufacturers to ensure quality and consistency in all facets of business, from incoming raw materials to the finished ink. As a result, ink companies rely on testing equipment manufacturers for expertise. Read More »
Striving for Consistency
By Jenn Hess, Ink World Associate Editor
Published September 2, 2005
As printers begin to require more from the inks they use, quality control has become more than just meeting specifications. Read More »
Published August 5, 2014
Aquamarine AQ-10 is undergoing beta testing in four different countries Read More »
Published September 3, 2013
Offers total control of instrument and test parameters Read More »

Published December 3, 2009
Security Printing to Reach $6.3 Billion by 2010 According to a new market study by Pira International Ltd., the world security printing market will reach €5.2 billion ($6.3 billion) by 2010. This new report, The Future of Global Markets… Read More »
Published November 13, 2009
Deacom, Inc., producer of the Deacom Integrated Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning Software System for paint, ink, and coatings manufacturers, announced that its Progress Paint case study has been named a winner of the 2009 Best Deployment S… Read More »
By David Savastano, Ink World Editor
Published June 9, 2009
Kent Shah When Kent Shah first arrived in the U.S., he had looked first toward working in the pharmaceuticals field. Joining the ink industry was a secondary option. However, Mr. Shah was unable to find a job in pharma, and… Read More »