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Published September 30, 2010
Shamrock Technologies will feature a line of revolutionary fluoropolymer additives Read More »
By David Savastano, Ink World Editor
Published September 20, 2010
For the past few years, raw material costs and supply for printing inks have been, in a word, volatile Read More »
Published September 16, 2010
Emerald Performance Materials has appointed Thomas Penny technical sales manager of its industrial foam control products.      Mr. Penny will be responsible for developing the strategic direction for defoamers as well as driving def… Read More »
Published September 16, 2010
Evonik Industries’ Coatings & Additives Business Unit will raise the selling prices for isophorone derivatives up to 10 percent, effective July 1, 2010 in all regions worldwide. This affects all products sold under the brand names Vestasol,… Read More »
Published September 13, 2010
A 4 to 8 percent price increase on all packaging inks sold in the U.S. and Canada will be effective Nov. 1, 2010 Read More »
Published August 5, 2010
Sales, earnings grow significantly in the first six months of the year Read More »
Published July 22, 2010
Global availability of raw materials for printing inks continues to be major concern Read More »
The Top International Ink Companies
By Staff
Published July 19, 2010
Some signs of improvement after a challenging year Read More »
The Market for Metallics
By Kerry Pianoforte, Ink World Associate Editor
Published July 19, 2010
The market for metallics is off to a strong start for the first half of 2010, and companies are cautiously optimistic that the upward trend will continue. Read More »
Published July 8, 2010
Availability of raw materials remains major concern Read More »
12. Epple Druckfarben AG
Published July 1, 2010
Gutenbergstrasse 5 DE – 86356 Neusaess, Germany Phone: +49-821-4603-0 Fax: +49-821-4603-200  Sales: $150 million. Major Products: Sheetfed inks; inks for perfecting presses; UV inks; varnishes, fountain solutions… Read More »
7. Tokyo Printing Ink
Published July 1, 2010
Mfg. Co., Ltd. 2-7-15, Tabatashinmachi Kita-ku, Tokyo, Japan Phone: +3-5692-7314 Fax: +3-5692-7341 E-mail: Sales: $543 million (47,440 million yen).  Major Products: Sheetfed, heatset and coldset offse… Read More »
2. Flint Group S.A.
Published July 1, 2010
26b, Boulevard Royal L-2449 Luxembourg, Luxembourg Phone: +49 711 9816 230 Fax: +49 711 9816 99230 E-mail:  Sales: $2.9 billion (€2.21 billion). Major Products: Flint Group is dedicated to serving the g… Read More »
Published May 26, 2010
Energy-curable technologies have been one of the brighter business areas in the graphic arts and coatings markets. Read More »
Published May 25, 2010
The field of energy curing continues to enjoy expansion despite the economic downturn. Read More »
Published May 24, 2010
As UV/EB use grows, more end-users are looking to learn about the potential possibilities for energy-curing. Read More »
Published May 24, 2010
Ecology Coatings has developed bio-based materials for use in a new family of EcoQuik UV-curable coatings. Read More »
By David Savastano, Ink World Editor
Published May 12, 2010
In the last issue of Ink World, I noted that in the North American Top 20 Report as well as The Pigment Report, the executives I spoke with felt the worst was behind them, and that there were some signs of improvement in both the economy in general… Read More »
The Additives Market
By David Savastano, Ink World Editor
Published May 11, 2010
Additives manufacturers report that they are seeing a turnaround in the economy, and are cautiously optimistic about the future. Read More »
Published April 29, 2010
Evonik Industries’ Coatings & Additives Business Unit announces a price increase for all Fischer-Tropsch and polyethylene waxes marketed under the trade name of Vestowax in Europe and the Middle East, effective from Feb. 1, 2010 and will be… Read More »
Published March 26, 2010
He has more than 25 years experience in sales, marketing and business development in inks and coatings Read More »
The North American Top 20 Report
By Staff
Published March 24, 2010
The Recession Takes a Toll on the Ink Industry Read More »
Published March 18, 2010
Significant recovery occurred in the second half of the year Read More »
Published March 8, 2010
Tego has risen to become a leading supplier of speciality products for the coatings and printing inks industries Read More »
2. Flint Group
Published March 1, 2010
North American Administrative Offices 14909 North Beck Road Plymouth, MI 48170-7194 Phone: (734) 781-4600 Fax: (734) 781-4699  Sales: €2.4B ($3.5B) worldwide. North American Sales: $1 billion (Ink World estimate).  Ma… Read More »
Published February 22, 2010
William B. Neuberg will remain chairman and CEO Read More »
Published February 12, 2010
Previously managed the rubber applications lab for Cray Valley’s sister company, Sartomer Read More »
Published February 6, 2010
Company expects improvement in 2010, although there are many uncertainties ahead Read More »
Published January 27, 2010
Borealis, a leading provider of chemical and plastics solutions, has announced the appointment of Gerd Löbbert as executive vice president for base chemicals, effective Jan. 1, 2010. He will report to chief executive Mark Garrett and be based at… Read More »
Published January 27, 2010
Evonik Tego Chemie GmbH’s new website, located at, provides a quick and comprehensive overview of all of Tego’s products and services. Publications and recommended formulations are easily retrieved from the ne… Read More »
Published January 13, 2010
Approximately 30 of 50 local Clariant employees to be offered transfer to Charlotte, NC area Read More »
Published December 11, 2009
Henry Brooks is joining Inksolutions as the manager of its newly established black dispersion division. Inksolutions has put Henry and Jay Brooks together to utilize their past experiences to set up this black dispersion operation in the same style a… Read More »
Published December 11, 2009
Emerald Performance Materials has opened a new subsidiary company, Emerald Latin America, SRL, in response to growing business needs in the region.            The new subsidiary will initially serve the Latin Amer… Read More »
Published December 11, 2009
ALTANA recorded in the third quarter of 2009 another clear recovery of its business. The sequential increase in sales and earnings from quarter to quarter, however, was not strong enough to compensate for the bad results, particularly from the first… Read More »
Waxes and Additives
By David Savastano, Ink World Editor
Published December 10, 2009
Manufacturers of waxes and additives are coming off of a challenging year, but there are signs that an economic rebound is now underway. Read More »
The Market for Metallics
By David Savastano, Ink World Editor
Published December 9, 2009
The global recession and volatile prices for metals combined to make 2009 a challenging year for metallic ink and pigment suppliers. Read More »
By David Savastano, Ink World Editor
Published December 9, 2009
The daunting challenges that the printing ink industry has faced in the past few years are well known to all of us. The slow decline in the publication printing industry has been ongoing for a while now. The sudden surge in crude oil prices that bega… Read More »
By David Savastano, Ink World Editor
Published December 3, 2009
When it comes to the sheetfed ink market, there seems to be two schools of thought. One approach, taken by larger ink manufacturers, is to focus on large accounts, and ignore small- and medium-sized printers. The other approach is to concentrate on t… Read More »
By David Savastano, Ink World Editor
Published December 2, 2009
For textile manufacturers, the Wilflex name has been synonymous with high-quality screen printing inks and service since the company formed in the 1960s in Marietta, GA. Throughout the years, the company has been at the forefront of numerous innovati… Read More »
Published November 16, 2009
Inksolutions will manufacture black dispersion products at its Commerce, CA plant Read More »
Published November 13, 2009
JNS Supply LLC and the SmithChem & Young Division of Lansco Colors LLC have merged to form the new distribution company, JNS SmithChem LLC. The offices and warehouse will be located in Paterson, NJ.      Darren Jachts will serve… Read More »
EuPIA, Swiss Government Collaborate On Food Packaging Ink Guidelines
By Sean Milmo, Ink World European Editor
Published November 11, 2009
There is speculation that the Swiss ordinance will effectively become the standard for food packaging inks in Europe Read More »
By David Savastano, Ink World Editor
Published November 2, 2009
During the past few years, the economic slump that impacted a large segment of the global economy changed the way companies handled their business. In particular, businesses were forced to become more conservative, looking for ways to cut costs and g… Read More »
By Dr. Alexander Grant, SunJet
Published October 29, 2009
UV jet inks are being developed that allow for appropriate jetting control, printhead compatibility, performance on a wide variety of media and can respond to real printing conditions such as varied print to cure time Read More »
By William R. Doughery, Sartomer Company
Published October 29, 2009
Editor’s Note: “A Novel Pigment Dispersant and Surfactant For Radiation Curable Waterborne Ink Jet Inks” was presented at NIP 19. Reprinted with permission of IS&T: The Society of Imaging Science and Technology. The developme… Read More »
By Lisa Hahn, Flexo Tech
Published October 29, 2009
When incorporated into water, surfactants strive to reduce their surface energy by isolating their hydrophobic segments from the aqueous phase Read More »
By David Savastano, Ink World Editor
Published October 28, 2009
Nanotechnology has become a hot topic in the world of industry in recent years, as companies come up with applications where nanoparticles can make an impact. One such area is in printing, where nanotechnology can impart new qualities to the product,… Read More »
By David Savastano, Ink World Editor
Published October 16, 2009
To honor key suppliers to the ink industry, the National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers (NAPIM)  presents the Technical Associate Member (TAM) Service Award at its annual National Printing Ink Research Institute (NPIRI) Technical Confe… Read More »
By Frank Kleinsteinberg and Susanne Struck, Tego Coating & Ink Additives, A Business Line of Degussa
Published October 16, 2009
Foam formation is a serious problem that can adversely affect the production of radiation-cured printing inks and overprint varnishes Read More »
By Sean Milmo, Ink World European Editor
Published October 16, 2009
Printers, ink makers and other suppliers will be closely watching the performance of the new Cortina waterless newspaper press of Koenig & Bauer-Albert (KBA) when it is launched commercially over the next several months Read More »