Last Updated Thursday, August 27 2015
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 Daihan Ink Co., Ltd. Celebrates  70 Years of Excellence
David Savastano, Editor
July 31, 2015
The Asia-Pacific printing industry has enjoyed 
tremendous economic growth, and Korea has certainly shared in this expansion. For the most part, the printing industry also continues to perform very well. This is good news for Daihan Ink Co., Ltd.,…  Read More »
Henkel Electronic Materials is Finding New  Applications for Its Conductive Inks and Coatings
Dave Savastano, Editor
May 20, 2015
Flexible and printed electronics are finding new opportunities in numerous fields, including automotive seat heaters, biosensors, keyboards, touch screens and more. For Henkel Electronic Materials, these fields provide excellent opportunities for its…  Read More »
Engineered Printing Solutions Pursues Perfection in Customer Service and Satisfaction
Dave Savastano, Editor
March 23, 2015
  From its early days in an old movie theater in Manchester, VT, to its planned expansion to a 32,500 square foot state-of-the-art operation, Engineered Printing Solutions (EPS) has made its number one goal perfection in customer service…  Read More »
Celebrating 60 Years at Grand Rapids Printing Ink
Dave Savastano, Editor
January 23, 2015
For any family-owned business, reaching 60 years is a remarkable achievement. As industries change, companies have to change along with their customers or perish. For Grand Rapids Printing Ink, changes come in many forms, from adding new product line…  Read More »
Catherine Diamond, Associate Editor
November 1, 2014
SPGPrints is a leading supplier of printing technology to the textile and graphics markets. It is best known for its supply of rotary screen and digital printing systems. It serves the textile, graphics, décor, packaging, wallpaper and industr…  Read More »
Garden State Color Solutions Brings Years of Expertise to the Ink and Coatings Market
David Savastano, Editor
September 1, 2014
For a new company, the ability to hit the ground running is a huge advantage. For Garden State Color Solutions (GSCS), a Cinnaminson, NJ-based water-, solvent-based and coatings specialist, the company’s background offers a wealth of experience…  Read More »
Xymox Brings Expertise to the PE Field
David Savastano, Editor
August 1, 2014
  In many ways, the membrane switch field was the original printed electronics (PE) market, and it is only natural that leaders in the membrane switch industry have brought their expertise to the PE segment. Xymox Technologies, Inc. is…  Read More »
David Savastano, Editor
May 1, 2014
When any company reaches a half-century of service to its customers, it is clear that company is doing something right. In the case of Tintas Arzubialde, S.L., the company has been providing packaging and publication printers with high-quality ink…  Read More »
David Savastano, Editor
March 1, 2014
There are synergies between the printed circuit board (PCB) and printed electronics (PE) industries, as both fields produce miniaturized electronic components. It is no surprise that PCB manufacturers would be interested in the PE field. Taiyo Ame…  Read More »
January 23, 2014
For corrugated printers, water-based flexo inks and coatings are ideal for producing the graphics their customers require. The keys for ink manufacturers are meeting the high levels of quality and service corrugated printers require. Custom Color…  Read More »
South Africa’s NUtec Digital Ink is Enjoying Global Growth
David Savastano, Editor
November 27, 2013
The digital printing industry is growing exponentially as print providers and their customers take full advantage of the benefits and the flexibility that digital printing provides.   Read More »
PPG’s Addition of Spraylat Opens New Doors for Conductive Inks
David Savastano, Editor
November 27, 2013
  PPG Industries is a major force in virtually every market it serves, from automotive and architectural to industrial coatings for electronics. When PPG acquired Sprayl…  Read More »
Genes’Ink is Developing Highly Conductive Nanoparticle Inks for Printing
David Savastano, Editor
November 15, 2013
  There are a host of materials company developing conductive materials for the printed electronics field. One key is capturing excellent conductivity, and nanoparticles…  Read More »
cynora GmbH Poised to Make Inroads in the OLED, OPV Markets
David Savastano , Editor
May 1, 2013
  The organic light-emitting diode (OLED) and organic photovoltaic (OPV) fields remain interesting opportunities for functional materials. If materials suppliers can s…  Read More »
Scott Printing Ink Brings Materials Expertise to Regional Printing Market
David Savastano, Editor
March 3, 2013
  One of the most important challenges facing any new business is determining exactly who the customers are for their products. A company can have great products, but if the targ…  Read More »