• Metallics and Special Effects Pigments

    The Metallic Pigment Market

    Driven by the need for product differentiation and decorative appeal, the metallic and pearlescent ink market continues to grow.
    Kerry Pianoforte, Ink World Associate Editor 10.16.09

  • Specialty Inks

    Dr. Richard Podhajny Receives NAPIM Award for Technical Achievement

    It is rare that one meets a person whose quest for knowledge has successfully led to the mastery of numerous fields. Dr. Rich Podhajny, manager of technology, NPD & QC for Colorcon No-Tox Products, is just such a person. Ever since he attended L…
    David Savastano, Ink World Editor 10.16.09

  • NPIRI Technical Conference Review

    Conference focused on 'Innovation for a Changing Industry'
    David Savastano, Ink World Editor 10.16.09

  • Additives

    Dealing with Foam Generated During Printing Ink and Varnish Production

    Foam formation is a serious problem that can adversely affect the production of radiation-cured printing inks and overprint varnishes
    Frank Kleinsteinberg and Susanne Struck, Tego Coating & Ink Additives, A Business Line of Degussa 10.16.09

  • Jeanette Truncellito receives NAPIM's Pioneer Award

    After 27 years at Sun Chemical, Jeannette Truncellito, director of the company’s packaging ink technology laboratory, was presented with a Pioneer Award
    Kerry Pianoforte, Ink World Associate Editor 10.16.09

  • Sanchez S.A. Continues to Prosper

    Mexico’s Sanchez S.A. is consolidating its manufacturing capabilities and expanding its network for technical assistance to customers, to continue to hold – if not increase – its lead as the largest ink manufacturer in the country,…
    Charles Thurston, Ink World Correspondent 10.16.09

  • UV and EB Inks

    The Future of EB

    While electron beam (EB) curing has not received the same interest as UV, it too has also grown over the years
    David Savastano, Ink World Editor 10.16.09

  • KBA Looks to Jump-Start the Waterless Printing Industry

    Printers, ink makers and other suppliers will be closely watching the performance of the new Cortina waterless newspaper press of Koenig & Bauer-Albert (KBA) when it is launched commercially over the next several months
    Sean Milmo, Ink World European Editor 10.16.09

  • APCS Show: Another View

    Editor’s Note: In our July issue, Ink World published a story on the Asia Pacific Coatings Show which inaccurately stated that attendees and exhibitors continued to decline this year. This was an inaccurate statement as the number of attendees…

  • Additives

    Rheological Additive Selection for Printing Inks

    Editor’s Note: “Rheological Additive Selection for Printing Inks” was presented at the Eurocoat Inkmakers Forum during the 2nd European Congress on Printing Inks, held at Nüremberg, Germany April 9-10, 2003. Abstract: The vari…
    Sel Avci, Elementis Specialties 10.15.09

  • Ink Industry Leaders Lead Discussions, Exhibit New Products at Info Flex

    It’s no surprise that attendance is down at practically every trade show in 2003. The stagnant U.S. economy continues to impact the number of attendees that companies send to these gatherings. Such is the case with the Foundation of the Flexog…
    David Savastano, Ink World Editor 10.15.09

  • Jean Lavelle Receives NAPIM's Pioneer Award

    When Lehigh University had a staff opening in its National Printing Ink Research Institute (NPIRI) in 1956, it did not have to look very far for the right person for the job. Help would come from right across town, when the dean of chemistry at Morav…
    Robert Schwartz, Ink World Associate Editor 10.15.09

  • Energy-Curable Materials | Energy-Curing Equipment | Testing, Color and QC

    Testing and QC for UV Inks

    When it comes to manufacturing any product, being able to consistently meet specifications is absolutely essential to success. Such is also the case with printing ink, as testing and quality control (QC) play significant roles in the manufacturing pr…
    David Savastano, Ink World Editor 10.15.09

  • Asia-Pacific Coatings Show Review

    The number of attendees and exhibitors at APCS continued to decline this year, perhaps fueled by SARS fears. Will the 2004 event in Thailand fare any better? Trade shows have been on a downward trend during the past few years, but one of the bright…
    David Savastano and Christine Canning Esposito 10.15.09

  • Flint Ink's Roy Beagle Receives NAPIM's Pioneer Award

    Forty one years ago, Roy T. Beagle had just finished high school and was looking for a job when he found an opportunity at Flint Ink’s Jacksonville, FL plant. “I came out of high school and started making ink,” Mr. Beagle said. &…
    David Savastano, Ink World Editor 10.15.09

  • European Coatings Show Review

    More than 2,000 inkies among the more than 16,000 attendees at this year's ECS.
    David Savastano, Ink World Editor 10.15.09

  • Packaging Flexo Inks | UV and EB Inks

    Improving Properties of UV Flexo Inks By Curing Under Nitrogen

    Low odor and extractables levels can make UV flexo a more attractive option for a variety of markets
    Bonnie Bedolla, Flint Ink 10.15.09

  • A Family Atmosphere at NAPIM

    NAPIM executive director James Coleman receives Printing Ink Pioneer Award
    David Savastano, Ink World Editor 10.15.09

  • Mitsuo Matsuzawa Honored by NAPIM

    INX International Ink Company's chairman receives Printing Ink Pioneer Award.
    Kerry Pianoforte, Ink World Associate Editor 10.15.09

  • Flushed Colors and Pigments

    The Organic Pigment Industry: Where it's Been and Where it's Going

    the factors that have affected the organic pigment industry over the last year will be examined and a look will be taken at what’s in store for 2003
    Edwin B. Faulkner, Sun Chemical Corporation u2013 Colors Group 10.14.09