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July 16, 2009
Water Ink Technologies will be integrated into the ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants division under the new name ACTEGA WIT  Read More »
July 16, 2009
Announces world introduction of Flexocure FORCE   Read More »
July 15, 2009
VUTEk, Fiery and Jetrion technology also on display  Read More »
July 15, 2009
More than 65 percent of EcoTech’s content is bio-derived  Read More »
July 10, 2009
Reports 23 of 55 acquired production sites worldwide under review  Read More »
July 9, 2009
Triangle brand billboard formulations boost economy, quality and ecology  Read More »
July 7, 2009
SmartColour Global Shade Library (GSL) is among the highlights  Read More »
July 6, 2009
Dr. Wolfgruber is reappointed for a period of five years  Read More »
July 2, 2009
Will allow the SunJet division to fully leverage both organizations’ technical expertise in pigments, dispersions, polymers and formulation chemistry  Read More »
June 30, 2009
VUTEk Solvent Inks are renowned for color quality, durability and performance  Read More »
June 30, 2009
Joins numerous other companies that have demonstrated their commitment to sustainability by becoming an SGP Patron  Read More »
June 29, 2009
INX worked with Rexam to reformulate a system to be compatible with a specific overprint varnish on the lightweight and cost-effective 330 ml bottles  Read More »
June 24, 2009
Vs9 provides ability to produce high-caliber applications with ease  Read More »
June 23, 2009
The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership welcomed the addition of Environmental Inks and Coatings to the SGP Patron program as a Bronze Patron. Environmental Inks and Coatings joins numerous other companies that have demonstrated their commitment…  Read More »