Last Updated Saturday, December 20 2014
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Little Joe Industries

Company Address

10 Ilene Court, Suite 4
Hillsborough, NJ, 08844-1922

Contact Information

Michael Engel
(908) 359-5213
(908) 359-5724

Company Description

Little Joe Industries’ Little Joe Proof Press is used to print small quantities of ink in the laboratory or press room for checking the color of ink before mixing up a full batch of ink or going to press. The test prints can be done on the substrate (paper) that will be used on press.The ADM-2 is the multi-speed version of the popular ADM-1 Automatic Draw Down Machine. Both versions make using grind gages more accurate with smooth motorized movement and consistent scraper angle and force. The ADM-2 moves at multiple speeds, and is therefore useful for the paste and liquid ink industries.

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